Changeset [b11e72878505a9cbb696e8b87970df354d2b4df9] by Andor Salga

June 22nd, 2011 @ 07:42 PM

Merge branches 'bug148' and 'staged' into bug148

Committed by Andor Salga

  • A shaders/cartoon.fs
  • A shaders/cartoon.vs
  • A shaders/fixed_function.fs
  • A shaders/fixed_function.vs
  • A shaders/gooch.fs
  • A shaders/gooch.vs
  • A shaders/greyscale.fs
  • A shaders/greyscale.vs
  • A shaders/reflection.fs
  • A shaders/reflection.vs
  • A shaders/scanline.fs
  • A shaders/scanline.vs
  • A shaders/xray.fs
  • A shaders/xray.vs
  • R shaders/cartoon.js
  • R shaders/fixed_function.js
  • R shaders/gooch.js
  • R shaders/greyscale.js
  • R shaders/reflection.js
  • R shaders/scanline.js
  • R shaders/xray.js
  • R tests/user_parser_and_shader/index.html
  • R tests/user_parser_and_shader/test.js
  • M demos/accelerometer/demo.js
  • M demos/accelerometer/index.html
  • M demos/all_shaders/demo.js
  • M demos/all_shaders/index.html
  • M demos/drag and drop/demo.js
  • M demos/drag and drop/index.html
  • M demos/many_clouds/index.html
  • M demos/many_clouds/js/many_clouds.js
  • M demos/museum/index.html
  • M demos/museum/museum.js
  • M psapi.js
  • M tests/user_shader/index.html
  • M tests/user_shader/test.js
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<b>XB PointStream</b> (working name)

A cross-browser JavaScript tool which will emulate Arius3D's PointStream viewer. It will be able to quickly render a large amount of point cloud data to the &lt;canvas&gt; tag using WebGL.<br />

Current release <a href="">XBPS 0.8</a>

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