Changeset [639f265c8044c0590e31ea3f6d40a81eb15e896f] by Andor

November 18th, 2010 @ 10:13 PM

moved point clouds under one directory, fixed multiple point clouds per canvas bug, made demo for multi cloud canvas, fixed css, updated tests and demos, added eggenburg, still requires comments and cleanup

Committed by Andor

  • A clouds/Mickey_Mouse.psi
  • A clouds/acorn.asc
  • A clouds/acorn_only_verts.asc
  • A clouds/acorn_verts_norms.asc
  • A clouds/eggenburg.asc
  • A clouds/lion.asc
  • A clouds/mickey.asc
  • A clouds/mickey_verts_cols.asc
  • A demos/many_clouds/index.html
  • A demos/many_clouds/multi.js
  • R psireader/Mickey_Mouse.psi
  • R demos/acorn/acorn.asc
  • R tests/verts/acorn_v.asc
  • R tests/verts_norms/acorn_vn.asc
  • R demos/lion/lion.asc
  • R demos/mickey/mickey.asc
  • R tests/verts_cols/mickey_vc.asc
  • R tests/xhr_timing_test/mickey.asc
  • M demos/acorn/acorn.js
  • M demos/lion/index.html
  • M demos/lion/lion.js
  • M demos/mickey/mickey.js
  • M parsers/asc.js
  • M pointstream.js
  • M psapi.js
  • M tests/style.css
  • M tests/verts/index.html
  • M tests/verts/verts.js
  • M tests/verts_cols/index.html
  • M tests/verts_cols/verts_colors.js
  • M tests/verts_norms/index.html
  • M tests/verts_norms/verts_norms.js
  • M tests/xhr_timing_test/index.html
  • M tests/xhr_timing_test/mickey.js
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<b>XB PointStream</b> (working name)

A cross-browser JavaScript tool which will emulate Arius3D's PointStream viewer. It will be able to quickly render a large amount of point cloud data to the &lt;canvas&gt; tag using WebGL.<br />

Current release <a href="">XBPS 0.8</a>

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